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Christie CP4220

As the pioneer of digital projection technology for cinema, with more digital cinema solutions deployed worldwide than any other manufacturer, it’s only fitting that we’re the first to offer digital cinema solutions based on 4K, Series 2 DLP® technology from Texas Instruments. The newest additions to the Christie® Solaria™ Series provide the only solution built with the Christie 4K+4 advantage. Coupled with the Christie IMB, the Christie Solaria Series is the most reliable, cost-effective 4K DLP Cinema® solution available today.

Screen size Up to 70ft (21.3m)
Brightness ~22,000 lumens
DLP® technology 1.4″ Enhanced 4K DMD 3DLP Cinema® chip
Resolution 4096 x 2160 pixels
Contrast >2,100:1 full field on/off
Lamp CDXL-20, CDXL-30, CDXL-30SD
Height 18.9″ (480mm)
Width 25.4″ (644mm)
Depth 48.6″ (1,234mm)
Weight As installed: 245lb max (111kg)


The Christie CP4200 platform is the only 4K DLP solution able to provide the world’s most brilliant 3D images, the highest level of content security, the easiest adaptability, operation and maintenance. Fully DCI compliant, and built on our extensive cinema experience Christie’s 4K solution incorporates the proven design concepts of the best selling Christie CP2200 platform. The Christie Solaria Series is ready for the next evolution of digital cinema; capable of displaying premium 4K content or 2D/3D 2K High Frame Rate (HFR) feature films and alternative content in its original format

Give your audiences the best visual experience possible every time with the Christie Solaria Series.


  • Present 3D and alternative content at its best! Use Brilliant3D™ technology for high performance 3D with no need for re-sizing or scaling of content.
  • Align pixels perfectly for optimal image quality.
  • Streamline time consuming maintenance procedures.
  • Be the brightest and outperform your competition while saving on costs. Only Christie offers the most enhanced 4K experience for the lowest cost of DLP® operation.

For easy integration into any environment, Christie’s full range of digital cinema accessories includes the Christie Integrated Media Block (IMB), the Christie Cine-IPM 2K for alternative content, the Christie SKA-3D for economical Audio/Video processing, the Christie ACT automation control system, and a full suite of lenses and lamps.

Lens Options*


4K Ratios

Lens Description

Part Number

1.13-1.66 1.25-1.83:1 High Brightness 108-342100-XX
1.31-1.85 1.45-2.05:1 High Brightness 108-335102-XX
1.45-2.17 1.6-2.4:1 High Brightness  108-336103-XX
1.63-2.71 1.8-3.0:1 High Brightness  108-337104-XX
1.95-3.26 2.15-3.6:1 High Brightness 108-338105-XX
2.71-3.89 3.0-4.3:1 High Brightness 108-278101-XX
3.89-5.43 4.3-6.0:1 High Brightness 108-279101-XX
4.98-7.69 5.5-8.5:1 High Brightness 108-280101-XX


High Contrast lenses may be selected when more contrast is desired.


4K Ratios

Lens Description

Part Number

1.13-1.66 1.25-1.83:1 High Contrast 108-400105-XX
1.31-1.85 1.45-2.05:1 High Contrast 108-401106-XX
1.45-2.17 1.6-2.4:1 High Contrast 108-402107-XX
1.63-2.71 1.8-3.0:1 High Contrast 108-403108-XX
1.95-3.26 2.15-3.6:1 High Contrast 108-404109-XX


  • CDXL-20 003-000598-XX
  • CDXL-30 003-000599-XX
  • CDXL-30SD 003-001165-XX
Nominal brightness
  • ~22,000 lumens
Screen size
  • Up to 70ft (21.3m)1
Contrast ratio
  • >2100:1 full field on/off
Digital micromirror device
  • 1.4″ Enhanced 4K 3-chip
DMD DLP Cinema®
  • 4096 x 2160 pixels
Input line voltage
  • Single phase 220V
Number of colours
  • 35.2 trillion
Supported frame rates
  • 2D: 2K content up to 120 fps
  • 3D: 2K content up to 60 fps/eye2
Optional lenses
  • 1.25x Anamorphic Lens 38-809054-XX
  • 1.26x Wide Converter Lens 108-281101-XX
  • Use of the Anamorphic or Wide Converter Lens requires the MALM adapter 108-111102-XX
Power supply
  • 3.3 low-ripple switch mode lamp power supply
  • Christie Integrated Media Block (IMB) 108-384107-01
  • Nema-L6 30A 250V male PWR plug w/1.5m cord 116-102104-01
  • Power distribution unit 208V/120V 111-277001-01
  • Variable aperture kits 38-813028-51
  • Rack mount stand 108-416102-01
  • Inline 120V duct fan, 600-CFM 700120-074
Dimensions (with shroud, no lens or TPC)
  • (L x W x H): 51.2 x 25.4 x 18.9″ (1300 x 644 x 480mm)​
Dimensions (without shroud, lens or TPC)
  • (L x W x H): 48.6 x 25.4 x 18.9″ (1234 x 644 x 480mm)​​
  • As installed: 256lb max (116kg)